Driving with Pets Can Be Distracting

Just about everyone knows that driving while distracted can be a very dangerous practice. One second of not paying attention is all it takes for a driver to find himself in a bad accident. That is why a driver needs to constantly give their full attention to the road while driving.

In order to encourage drivers to remain focused, lawmakers usually enact laws that limit what drivers can do while driving. Some of the basics here in Tennessee include:

  • No texting while driving.
  • No talking on the phone while driving.
  • No using other electronic devices while driving.

Tennessee laws don’t cover all of the bases when it comes to distracted driving. For instance, eating while driving is not illegal in Tennessee, though it is considered to be a type of distracted driving. An Ohio town is taking distracted driving laws a step further in order to protect drivers and their furry companions.

Starting December 20th, drivers in Mantua, Ohio can be ticketed for distracted driving if they have an animal in their lap. The offense will only be a misdemeanor, which means a small fine and no possibility of jail time. However, any ticket price will be more than a driving pet owner really wants to pay.

Distracted driving is not something that any driver should do. Unfortunately, driving with a pet can be very distracting. For their safety, and the safety of the driver, the pet should remain in another section of the vehicle, away from the driver. This way, they cannot interfere with the driver’s task and inadvertently cause an accident.

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